Bahrain Victorious and Alé reveal limited edition race kit for Vuelta a España

Bahrain Victorious revealed a limited edition Alé racing kit for the Vuelta a España, shifting from the traditional red to respect the leader jersey at the race.

The new kit produced by the team partner Alé showed features that are a continuation of the Crypto Art NFT jersey, which aims to raise awareness around Obesity and Diabetes, and the impact physical activity such as cycling can help reduce the risks.


The team initials TBV is now front and centre of the kit, along with messages building awareness of the diseases, such as “30 minutes of exercise a day reduces your risk of diabetes by 25%”. On the back of the jersey is a prominent and clear message about the power of cycling: “Riding Away From Obesity and Diabetes” and “Every Pedal Stroke is a Victory.” 

The jersey also nods to the team’s history with touches of both the Bahrain Merida and Bahrain McLaren logos. Along with the release of the jersey, the team will be sporting new Rudy Project Helmets and Elite Bidons. 


To further build awareness, the team invites the public to take on their own 30 minutes of exercise a day to fight against Obesity and Diabetes. Participants that take on the challenge can track their progress through the team’s Strava club and win prizes every week by completing an average of 30 minutes a day over the week.

To find out more about the challenge, visit:


The limited-edition kit is available to buy:


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