Sergio Tu

  • Date of Birth 24th February, 1997.
  • Place of Birth Dominican Republic
  • Nationality Taiwan Taiwan
  • Specialty TT
  • UCI Ranking 1025
  • Social Media


Do you remember the moment when you found out you were making a move up to WorldTour?

It was last winter, in 2021. It was the plan to make a move, but we were not so sure yet. But then, later in the summer and throughout 2022, it became more evident. I was surprised at how relaxed and calm I was. Of course, it was a big step and every rider’s dream to reach this level. You know there’s work ahead of you, but I must say, I was pretty calm.

Which race are you most excited about in the season?

As a Taiwanese rider, I wished to build myself in years to compete in a Grand Tour. I think it would be awesome to show that Taiwan doesn’t only produce great bikes but also great riders.

Tell us the story about how you developed to become a pro rider in CTF.

It’s an exceptional team. I would say it’s one of the most notable teams I have been to in Europe before. I say this because all teams are unique, but this team is extraordinary in its spirit and its team mentality. They try to integrate you into their team spirit and mentality, which has worked well for me. I carry on taking that kind of mentality and spirit with me as a rider and as a person. I did not just develop skills on the bike and professionalism but also became a better person. It’s unique for me to take all the things I’ve learned from Cycling Team Friuli and take it to the next step and even to the WorldTour level.

How important does the successful 2022 season mean to you?

Already up front, we had a brief idea that we might take this step to the World Tour. Despite my age, I think I was, like I said, relaxed and calm, but you had a little pressure that you wanted to try or do something. It was a great year for me to learn and grow as a rider.

What makes you determined to be a pro bike rider?

I think it’s a lot of things added up together. Because if you become a pro rider, it’s like a lifestyle. It becomes your work; it’s not a hobby anymore. It’s not a decision about whether you will do it or not. It’s like eating. You know you have to do it every day, whether it’s a good or bad day. It’s like part of it, and I think that the determination is that. Just never forget why you started and where you are already right now. Appreciate the good things around you, and it keeps you going.

What are your thoughts on the Merida Reacto?

It’s interesting because I switched from the “Scultura” model to the “Reacto”. Everybody knows that the Reacto is an aerodynamic bike, and I can imagine that I will probably be doing a lot of pulling and stuff like that as a rider in the team. I think Reacto will be just the perfect bike for it. It will save some power in some parts where the course is fast. It’s going to be a great bike, I think.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on the bike?

I’m really into Motorsports, like cars and modification. I’d say all the lot of things around cars. So after riding my bike, I usually do a lot of stuff car-related: it can be a track day, analyzing like going into details like numbers and stuff like that and different setups. I look into that when I’m off the bike, and I think that also comes on the bike: I really want to be specific with some things. I think it’s like a thing that I have inside myself. So Motorsports is something I do besides riding my bike.

Top Results in Last Five Seasons
  • 63.

    Asian Cycling Championships - Road Race 13th June, 2023,

  • 2.

    Asian Cycling Championships - ITT 10th June, 2023,

  • 44.

    Tour de Taiwan 16th March, 2023,

  • 45.

    Tour de Taiwan - Stage 5 16th March, 2023,

  • 53.

    Tour de Taiwan - Stage 4 15th March, 2023,

  • 21.

    Tour de Taiwan - Stage 3 14th March, 2023,

  • 57.

    Tour de Taiwan - Stage 2 13th March, 2023,

  • 59.

    Tour de Taiwan - Stage 1 12th March, 2023,



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