Matej Mohorič

  • Place of Birth Kranj
  • Nationality Slovenia Slovenia
  • Specialty Stage races, Classics races
  • UCI Ranking 17
  • Social Media


Your favourite race and climb?

My favourite race is Milan-Sanremo. It’s the longest race in professional cycling and I just love it. It wears off your legs in the first 6 hours, but nothing really happens and then you are challenged by the hardest hour of racing there is. Poggio is my favourite climb. If your position in the peloton is good enough at the bottom, you have a chance of being with the best at the top.

What’s your favourite format of racing?

It’s the Grand Tours. I love the routine of racing for three weeks and I think it’s something special you cannot see in any other sport.

How did you develop strong descending skills?

When I was young I was constantly trying the limits and I still sometimes do in racing. I got good at understanding how fast I can go to still be within the laws of physics 🙂

Can you recall your fastest ever speed on your head unit?

It was over 120 kmh in Tour of Austria, in 2014.

Do you have any advice for the talented young riders stepping up into WorldTour teams?

If I could go back in time I would tell myself as a young pro to work hard, believe it pays off and try to improve your own performance step by step, not compare yourself against the others too often at the start.

What are your thoughts on the Merida Reacto you will be racing this season?

In my opinion it’s a great bike. It’s definitely the best bike I’ve ever raced on and I love it. It’s very fast, but still agile and not too heavy to climb well. It also looks great.

Top Results in Last Five Seasons
  • 1.

    CRO Race 2nd October, 2022,

  • 1.

    Benelux Tour - Stage 7 5th September, 2021,

  • 1.

    Milano-Sanremo 19th March, 2022,

  • 1.

    Tour de France - Stage 7 2nd July, 2021,

  • 1.

    Tour de France - Stage 19 16th July, 2021,

  • 1.

    National Championships Slovenia - Road Race 20th June, 2021,

  • 1.

    Tour of Slovenia - Points classification 13th June, 2021,

  • 1.

    Tour de Pologne - Stage 7 9th August, 2019,

  • 1.

    Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Challenge 8th October, 2017,

  • 1.

    Vuelta a España - Stage 7 25th August, 2017,



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