Jack Haig

  • Date of Birth 6th September, 1993.
  • Place of Birth Southport
  • Nationality Australia Australia
  • Specialty Climber, GC rider
  • UCI Ranking 96
  • Social Media

Your favourite race and climb?

Tour de France and Arcalis in Andorra. I’ve never done the climb in a race but it’s a regular in my training

Your best or most memorable result in pro cycling?

My first world tour stage win was at Tour of Poland 2017.

What are your personal ambitions for the season?

I really want to integrate into the new team, meet new people, learn and develop as a rider. It’s the first time I’ve changed teams during my professional career and it’s something I am excited about, but also nervous about. I would really like to make the 2021 Tokyo selection for Australia and have a good performance in a grand tour either in a supporting role or chasing some personal ambitions.

Your base during the season is in Andorra, what does it have to offer to cyclist?

It’s a beautiful place for training and living, there are many mountains passes to train on and very clean and safe roads. It’s quite a small country and the people that live here really enjoy outdoor sports, active and a healthy lifestyle. There is a growing community of professional cyclist that live here now as well, so there is always some to train with.

Do you remember the moment you knew you would become a Pro cyclist?

I think it must have been in 2011, I went to Europe to represent Australia at junior mountain bike world championships. I remember coming back to Australia thinking how cool the experience was, that I got to travel around Europe for a month and a half riding mountain bikes with friends and racing. After this I decided to try and make it as a professional cyclist, I gave myself a deadline of age 23 and if I hadn’t made it as a professional by then that I would go to University or look for a ‘real’ job.

Coming from a XC cycling background, what skills are you able to transfer into road cycling?

Definitely, the bike handling skills from racing mountains bikes help a lot. being comfortable in the peloton or descending on the road bike after years of racing on difficult mountain bike courses is something, I am grateful to take from mountain biking.

What are your passions away from the sport? If you didn’t make it in cycling what do you think you’d be?

I’ve always enjoyed sport, but normally the more alternative sports like surfing, rock climbing and skiing. While I was at school I was very interested in photography and considering trying to combine my love for outdoor sports and photography into a job if cycling didn’t work out.

What are your thoughts on the Merida Reacto you will be racing this season?

I really excited to try a new bike, I’ve raced on Scott bikes ever since i come to Europe as an u23 and throughout my professional career. They have been a great bike but I’m looking forwarding to experience the new Merida reacto and hopefully have some good race results and performances on the new bike.

Top Results in Last Five Seasons
  • 3.

    La Vuelta ciclista a España 5th September, 2021,

  • 5.

    La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 20 4th September, 2021,

  • 5.

    La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 18 2nd September, 2021,

  • 5.

    La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 17 1st September, 2021,

  • 4.

    La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 11 25th August, 2021,

  • 4.

    La Vuelta ciclista a España - Stage 9 22nd August, 2021,

  • 4.

    Tour de France - Stage 1 26th June, 2021,

  • 5.

    Critérium du Dauphiné - Mountains classification 6th June, 2021,

  • 5.

    Critérium du Dauphiné 6th June, 2021,

  • 4.

    Critérium du Dauphiné - Stage 7 5th June, 2021,



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