Fran Miholjević

  • Place of Birth Rijeka
  • Nationality Croatia Croatia
  • Specialty All-rounder
  • UCI Ranking 1591
  • Social Media


Do you remember the moment when you found out you were making a move up to WorldTour?

It was at the beginning of 2022. I was a rider of Cycling Team Friuli, which collaborated with Bahrain Victorious. So it was quite an easy path for me, but I think the race that made the deal was my victory at the Giro di Sicilia. That night I spoke with Milan Erzen, TBV General Manager, and it was pretty clear that I would move up to the WorldTour.
I was expecting it because I had a pretty good season until then. But it’s also quite surreal when you get an official confirmation. In the beginning, I didn’t entirely realise what was happening, but after I realised what I had done, the feeling was lovely.

Share with us the story about how you developed to become a pro rider in Cycling Team Friuli.

When I came from Juniors, I was pretty developing because my full potential was neither nearer.
The first year in CTF was a bit hard because we didn’t have the collaboration with Bahrain Victorious, but of course, it’s another category, so it’s hard anyway. In the second year, I knew what to expect and my limits; I could push them further. I was more excited than worried or anything else.

How important does the successful 2022 season mean to you?

It got me to where I am. It also showed me that I could compete with the best. It opens my eyes and lots of goals for me in the future. So definitely, the training I did after the win had a much bigger purpose. It’s still quite unreal, but looking forward to my future.

What makes you determined to become a Pro rider?

It’s the victory, the success I had, and getting the trust of a WorldTour team. Huge motivations and boosts. It shows me that I’m on the right track to keep going and fighting for it.

What are your thoughts on the Merida Reacto you will be racing this season?

Thanks to the collaboration with CTF, I got the opportunity to race with it during the 2022 season. I have ridden a few bike brands, and it’s the best I have for now. It’s a perfect combination of stiffness and agility and very light while being pretty aero. I’m sure our equipment will help us achieve many victories.

What do you enjoy doing away from the bike?

Until this year, even off the bike, I was entirely focused on being the best rider I can, and I’m still focused on it. I found motivation and enjoyment by doing other things, but everything I do off the bike is still pretty focused on being the best I can be, but I don’t want to burn out physically and mentally too soon.

Top Results in Last Five Seasons
  • 13.

    Santos Tour Down Under - Youth classification 21st January, 2024,

  • 7.

    CRO Race - Youth classification 1st October, 2023,

  • 10.

    CRO Race - Mountains classification 1st October, 2023,

  • 19.

    CRO Race - Points classification 1st October, 2023,

  • 37.

    CRO Race - Stage 6 1st October, 2023,

  • 1.

    National Championships Croatia - ITT 22nd June, 2023,

  • 28.

    Tirreno-Adriatico - Youth classification 12th March, 2023,

  • 38.

    Tirreno-Adriatico - Stage 1 (ITT) 6th March, 2023,

  • 36.

    UAE Tour - Youth classification 26th February, 2023,

  • 4.

    UAE Tour - Stage 2 (TTT) 21st February, 2023,



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