Ahmed Madan

  • Date of Birth 25th August, 2000.
  • Nationality Bahrain Bahrain
  • Specialty All rounder
  • Social Media


Your favourite race and climb?

My favourite race is Tour of Antalya and my favourite climb is mount erciyes from develi (Turkey)

For riders from the middle east, what are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge as a middle eastern rider is the weather in our area and the distance to races, but we start to have more races here special in the gulf which I love doing. For the weather, the solution is to go to Europe when the weather is better there.

How are you feeling about being the first Bahraini in WorldTour cycling?

Amazing feeling as I finally got into the pro field

Who was your inspiration into cycling?

I always like to have close role model..so its always the strongest rider in the group

How did the Bahrain Cycling Academy develop and improve you?

By doing races which I couldn’t ride before and by having better equipment, bikes, training camps and coach.

How has cycling changed in Bahrain since the establishment of the team?

The number of riders have increased dramatically over the last years

How do you think your diet will change becoming a pro?

I think the quantity of the food will increase as the amount of training will. It will be good working with a nutritionist and see how they prepare the meals for us.

Top Results in Last Five Seasons
  • 29.

    Saudi Tour - Youth classification 3rd February, 2023,

  • 73.

    Saudi Tour - Stage 4 2nd February, 2023,

  • 81.

    Saudi Tour - Stage 3 1st February, 2023,

  • 32.

    World Championships U23 - ITT 19th September, 2022,

  • 29.

    Islamic Solidarity Games ME - Road Race 13th August, 2022,

  • 1.

    Islamic Solidarity Games ME - ITT 11th August, 2022,

  • 11.

    Asian Cycling Championships U23 - Road Race 28th March, 2022,

  • 1.

    National Championships Bahrain - Road Race 26th March, 2022,

  • 1.

    Asian Cycling Championships U23 - ITT 26th March, 2022,

  • 88.

    Saudi Tour - Stage 1 1st February, 2022,



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