Driven by the pursuit of excellence and drawing from over years of experience, the Rudy Project collection elevate the performance of athletes at every level. Rudy Project has designed its most advanced products with the Bahrain Victorious signature graphics to deliver the best aerodynamics, protection and comfort while providing the riders a unique and stylish look within the peloton.  Rudy Project is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and distributor of performance sunglasses, helmets, goggles, and prescription solutions of the highest technical level. Discover how Rudy Project is committed to minimize the environmental impact through their RIDETOZERO PHILOSOPHY



The ultimate new helmet debuted with the team at the Tour de France 2022 for final testing before being definitively launched in September, globally, unveiling all the variants and features that make it a real technical breakthrough for Rudy Project. Designed to cut through the air and slide it inside, it has been designed and manufactured to optimize all its ventilation, comfort and safety features. The inner shell of the Egos is distinguished by the presence of its main feature, DUAL DENSITY, which provides the helmet with a dual function. In fact, its shape allows greater ventilation at the top of the head, thus ensuring a greater comfort feeling for the rider. Its structure, on the other hand, is characterized by a softer density than the inner shell, thus ensuring greater shock absorption and lowering the weight of the helmet. Safety and comfort are also enhanced by the new DEVIDER and FID LOCK. The new Divider is an evolution of the previous one and allows, thanks to its geometry, the rider to adjust the strap once and thus maintain a constant and “clean” position for the entire outing. The new strap closure, on the other hand, has been designed to be faster and safer thanks to a practical and secure FIDLOCK magnetic attachment system. Egos incorporates the latest details designed by the Product Department to improve
cyclists’ comfort. AIRFRAME BAND is a spoiler positioned at the front of the helmet in contact with the forehead and hidden by the helmet. This band allows airflow to be channeled inside the helmet, thus facilitating ventilation and optimal cooling of the head. Available in 3 sizes (S-M-L), Egos is equipped with the new RSR11 anti-skid system for an optimal fit thanks to its wraparound structure and micrometric adjustments in both height and width. Egos is also equipped with a new padding and bugstop padding with insect net. Two reflective stickers are positioned on the back of the helmet for increased visibility

Weight: Size S (51-55 cm) 230g , M (55-59 cm) 250g , L (59-63 cm) 280g



Maximum safety, advanced aerodynamics, and record-breaking ventilation. Nytron is the aero helmet providing ultimate protection combined with comfort and versatility. At Rudy Project, we are committed to developing products aimed at the highest level of safety, exceeding requirements set by international standards, such as the CE or CPSC norms. Today our goal is to go even further by overpassing a new experimental testing protocol based on real accident data and scientific sources. The Rudy Project WG11 rotational impact test is a protocol adopted by Rudy Project, in cooperation with accredited and notified bodies, to test and measure the performance of the helmets against rotational impacts. The Rudy Project WG11 “pass-fail” criterion is based on the BRIC (Brain Injury Criterion) value, an algorithm that defines the level of brain injury. This value must be less than 0,68. Several studies infact showed that concussive values of BRIC for humans varied from 0.60, when scaled directly from animal data, to 0.68 when obtained directly from US college football players. Nytron scored a BRIC medium value < 0.24 and represents a breakthrough in helmet safety. Nytron blends superior aerodynamic performance with an amazingly compact and light design. It was developed and engineered in collaboration with aerodynamic experts Swiss Side who performed extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind tunnel testing.



By combining a wide, wraparound rimless shield lens with renowned Rudy Project state-of-the-art eyewear technologies, Cutline has been designed with one purpose in mind: elevate your performance.  Super lightweight, ultra-durable and extremely comfortable, Cutline merges an edgy sculpted design with unparalleled fitment. The Cutline’s wide, wraparound rimless shield lens is designed to ensure superior eye protection all while expanding your field of vision. To increase rider safety, Cutline boasts soft removable bumpers located on the edge of the lens to minimize the chance of facial injury in the event of a crash. Cutline delivers razor-sharp vision with state-of-the-art Rudy Project lens materials and advanced optical science. The super-responsive ImpactX photochromic lens provides the best weather management by adapting its tint to light conditions. Manufactured using superior optical polymers, ImpactX lenses combine fast photochromic activation with astounding clarity, providing superior eye protection, higher definition and sharper images. The Cutline is also available with the vibrant RP Optics Multilaser lenses to provide visual acuity, eye protection and a stylish look. 



Shaped for performance, the Spectrum helmet is designed to outclass the road helmets standards of comfort, protection and weight. The Spectrum revolutionary dynamic design features a seamless integration of three In-Mold EPS liners knitted together. This unique structure enhances ventilation while keeping this race machine extremely lightweight and comfortable. Spectrum integrates a frontal airframe band with a net-structure which favors air circulation between the head and the helmet favoring sweat. The lightweight yet resistant RSR 10 M adjustable retention system enhances the helmet fitting thanks to its wraparound structure and multiple micro-metric vertical and horizontal positions for the size adjustment.



Inspired from the Rudy Project iconic heritage, Defender blends an innate racing attitude with the most advanced eyewear technology to provide unparalleled comfort. Ultra-soft adjustable nosepad and temple-tips, ultra-deep field of vision, removable bumpers and the Power Flow ventilation System make Defender extremely comfortable and safe. The Defender wide shield lens is designed to deliver unsurpassed deep horizon and peripheral field of vision all while providing enhanced eye and face protection from wind and atmospheric elements. The vents placed on the Defender lens, chassis and temples boost the internal air circulation avoiding the risk of fogging during the activity. Defender mounts Rudy Project’s state-of-the-art ImpactX unbreakable photochromic optics and the vibrant RP Optics Multilaser lenses to ensure maxi- mum eye protection and face any light condition. 



The Wing is an advanced aero-helmet optimized for multiple rider positions without compromising performance. Thanks to its revolutionary geometric profile combined with its safe ultralight In-Mold constructed removable tail extension, The Wing is designed to ensure the best comfort and performance. To maximize eye comfort, The Wing features a removable magnetic visor. Building on RP Optics advanced lens technology, the polycarbonate visor ensures protection against UVA and UVB rays and minimizes eye strain, allowing athletes to stay focused on their performance.  The massive rear and front exhaust ports ensure a constant airflow through the helmet. The scientific combination of helmet geometry and air ports accelerates internal ventilation, enhancing the sweat evaporation process to cool the rider’s head. Thanks to the removable magnetic vent cover, you can easily manage the helmet internal airflow by choosing fully open or closed configurations to match your performance needs. 



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