Developed with pro, made for all. Our products are designed and developed to guarantee the best riding experience. Prologo provides to Bahrain victorious team top-notch road and TT saddles, as well as tapes, and gloves to ride with performance, comfort and style.

Road Saddles


Scratch M5 is the saddle that uses 4.0 technologies: innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics. This unisex saddle was developed together with the pros, pushing the boundaries further.

Thanks to the new design, size and ergonomic “T SHAPE”, Scratch M5 is a short saddle suitable for men and women. The size is 250 x 140mm and the weight depends on the model: the Nack version (Carbon fiber) is only 155gr, while the Tirox (Titanium) version is 189gr.

The new MSS- Multi Sector System, designed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, improves comfort and performance. The active foams, separated from each other, create 5 mapped zones that work individually, supporting the normal pedaling movement. The round shape of the SCRATCH M5 allows the pelvis to rotate naturally, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas; it also favors the distribution of pressure over a larger surface.

The product is available with and without the relief channel. In the first case the PAS, Perineal area system, helps to discharge pressure. The closed version has the “Active Base System technology”, a drilled shell with a cover around. It relieves the pressure while protecting from water and mud.

Road Saddles


Scratch M5 CPC PAS is designed to be the next level of performance. The CPC technology (Connect-Power-Control) is the same used in Formula1, patented by Prologo for the cycling industry. The 3D polymer cones maximize the grip when assuming an aggressive position and help to change position quickly on the saddle.

The CPC Positioned in strategic points, protects muscles, tendons and soft tissues from the stress generated by bumpy roads, guaranteeing its performance in every climatic condition. Today it is used by the best Top Teams and athletes in the world, in all disciplines; CPC is the ultimate expression of performance and comfort

This short and ergonomic saddle has the premium Prologo Technology on it. The Multi-sector-system technology creates five different zones that make the saddle able to adapt to the rider’s style. The “T shape” guarantees a more standard sitting position. Only 146 gr for the Nack version.

Road Saddles


Dimension is an innovative saddle designed to combine comfort and performance.

The name Dimension contains the importance of the project itself: to create an innovative product in terms of size, design and ergonomic shape; suitable for all disciplines and perfect for men and women. 

Dimension is comfort, performance and lightness. The combination of a short nose (35mm less than a traditional saddle) and the PAS system ensures blood flow and pressure relief, guaranteeing comfort even in aerodynamic position or in the maximum pushing phase. The wider seating area (width 143mm) allows a better weight distribution while the V Shape helps to maintain a stable and aggressive position.

Available also with an extra width of 10mm (153 mm) or with the CPC Technology on it.



 With its size (245x143mm) and competitive weights (Nack:181gr; Tirox:212gr) this model is designed for triathlon and time trial. It improves comfort in all phases of pedaling thanks to the ergonomic “V SHAPE” and the new PAS channel, modified in width and depth. These features guarantee a better blood flow eliminating numbness and excessive pressure in the genital – prostatic area. The tests carried out on the track and in the wind tunnel with some of the most important professional teams in the world, confirmed an improvement of 5-8% in the performance. Foams with variable density, increased by 15% in the upper part and on the tip of the saddle, allow increasing the support surface, dissipating the pressures homogeneously, as well as guaranteeing a greater support area for the Antero-ischial area, especially in the maximum aerodynamic position.

The sitting area has been advanced by 2cm, the seat tip is +7mm wider and the use of variable density foams increases stability and comfort.



The revolution in the world of cycling. A natural extension of the hand that enhances grip and absorbs ground vibrations. A new synergy between man and product.
The new Energrip, with Prologo’s patented CPC (Connect – Power – Control) cycling technology and its design, the result of research with partners and professionals of excellence, represents the ultimate in gloves, offering three benefits at once to be like no other:





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