Matej Mohorič Foundation

Matej Mohorič presented his long-planned foundation today at the Hotel Grof in Vransko. The purpose of the Matej Mohorič Foundation is primarily to help develop cycling amongst the youth in Slovenia.
Ever since becoming a professional cyclist, Matej has thought of ways to help and invest back into the local community and help others make it as a top cyclist. 

The foundation will work closely with the Cycling Association of Slovenia, which strongly supports the project and confirmed future cooperation. Matej Mohorič and the President of the Slovenian Cycling Association, Pavel Marđonovič, also opened and signed this cooperation by signing the Letter of Intent.

At the press conference, Matej presented his new Foundation: “This year’s generation of young cyclists in national team is extremely strong and they have huge potential, so this was also a reason that this year is the right time to establish and start operating the Foundation. Primarily, I would like to help with my knowledge and experience. I will help in a way that I will join the youngsters in the preparations organized by the Slovenian national team. I will help with my knowledge, experience and financially, as it is an excellent investment to build a quality and a top program for the young cyclists. I hope that these guys will have about the same opportunity as other national teams in Europe and have an even better starting point. In one part, the Foundation will focus on juniors, and in another respect, I will try to help more locally, especially the more minor boys, for whom we will try to organize more races than there have been so far. With the help of the Slovenian Cycling Association and cycling clubs, we will look for those individuals who have a great desire to be involved in cycling but may not be able to afford it. We will provide them with cycling equipment to start training. In addition, we will join many events that promote cycling as a healthy way of life and recreation. We will try to bring this sport closer to local communities and inform children and young people that cycling can be an extremely healthy way of life and a healthy environment for socializing as an afternoon activity. “

The president of KZS, Pavel Marđonovič, said at the press conference: “It is a great pleasure for me that Matej will support the Slovenian Cycling Association or more specifically the youth national team. The youth category is significant for the continuation of a career. It is a period that is extremely sensitive to age, potentials are already being shown at this time, and this period is crucial to react at the right time and help young cyclists and guide them properly. We currently have 25 youngsters from 6 different clubs in the national team, and they all have the potential to follow Matej’s success. Matej was a Youth World Champion and U23 World Champion, he is one of the best cyclists in the world, and he is an outstanding analyst who delves into the details of cycling. So from this point of view, he is ideal and invaluable not only for financial support but also professional and motivational for young boys, professional staff, and liaisons.”

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