Bahrain Victorious announces partnership with GenePlanet.

Team Bahrain Victorious is pleased to welcome GenePlanet as an official partner for this season.

GenePlanet is the leading European provider of Medical and Home DNA tests. The company is supporting our athletes by providing them with their DNA testing service, which can help to:

Achieve up to three times better results by following a genetically-matched plan; discover which foods and activities will guide you to a winning performance; become aligned with your genes and achieve up to three times better results.

Bahrain Victorious Managing Director Milan Erzen comments,

“Identifying strengths and weaknesses is the key to advancing our athletes’ performance. So we’ve partnered with GenePlanet to give them an edge through ultimate personalisation – their genes. Support your performance from the ground up – nutritional and genetic expertise represent a winning combination for achieving athletes’ goals faster and more effectively.

We know the same training does not work for everyone due to genetics. A personalised approach is therefore essential for athletes – their optimal diet and training results. We can improve performance by adjusting nutrition and training to the body’s needs.”

Marko Bitenc, GenePlanet, founder and CEO:

“Team Bahrain Victorious is one of the most accomplished cycling teams, and we are honoured to work with them. For the last 15 years, we have been dedicated to developing and perfecting DNA testing, which can help athletes improve their cycling performance by understanding their genetic makeup. Our advanced test will give Team Bahrain Victorious the power to optimise training and reach their full potential, providing riders with a unique competitive edge.”

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